Night Quads

Night Quads is a way for players to pick  and choose their opponents for a rated three-round tournament. With this ability, players can choose whether to play others with a rating much different than their own or wait for others with a more similar rating.

Each Quad will be three rounds where players in the Quad play each other for one game. Standard USCF pairing rules are used to determine colors. You may choose to play over consecutive Monday nights if the other players in your Quad agree. The fee remains $15/night.

Use this form to indicate INTEREST ONLY. Your name and rating, along with your preferred day will be posted on a separate spreadsheet for anyone to see. I will add your info to that spreadsheet manually within a few minutes or possibly a few hours. The earlier you indicate interest, the better chances of finding a suitable Quad for you.

Payment: The registration fee is $15/night. Add $1 for Paypal or Venmo. IMPORTANT: DO NOT submit payment until confirmation is provided. Players may always submit payment in advance to be credited to your account.

The link for the publicly-viewable spreadsheet is

Default Time Controls will be G30+5 minutes, totaling about 3 hours for a full tournament  but players who prefer a slightly different time control should inform the Director, as a group, to be accommodated. Generally, the slowest time control for a one-night tournament should be no slower than G40+5. Faster time controls are available upon request.

If a Quad prefers a much slower Time Control, Bridgeopolis may accommodate the request to be played on two or three consecutive Mondays or Fridays. The fee remains $15 per night and requires payment at the start of the first night or earlier. Multiple quads can play each night.

For details and changes for the tournament, please see 

IMPORTANT: Current UCSF Membership is required. Marvin will email you confirmation of registration.

NOTE: There are no byes given for Quads. Failure to play results in an automatic zero-point bye. Not playing a round is unfair to opponents.